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Pest Control Services in Manesar

Best Pest Control services in Manesar, Gurgaon done by expert professionals. Rodent, Cockroach, Termite, Mosquito, Bedbugs, control

Termite Treatment and protection

Termites are commonly known as “white ants” also known as “Deemak” in northern part of India. These pests cause damage in Crores of rupees in damaging homes hold and commercial projects Termites eat any Cellulose material from woods to clothes.

 Pre- Construction Termite Treatment

For pre-construction termite treatment the treatment starts at the time of excavation of soil. There are 3 steps in pre- construction anti termite treatment once the soil treatment is carried out preparing the infestation of a new termite colony will take a long time to damage the existing property. 

Post Construction anti Termite Treatment

For any existing building the preventive measure is to be taken out by extensive treatment to wooden fixed fixtures like door frames, Window frames, almirah, cupboards, any wooden panels etc. Drilling and injecting chemicals into the wooden structures will prevent any termite to attack and prevent to damage the fixed fixtures. 

Cockroach Control and Protection.    

Cockroach spreads many health related diseases which at times can be life threatening cockroaches are nocturnal who moves mostly in nights for foods they not only damage food but also contaminate different diseases Cockroaches are mostly found in kitchen, manholes and moist areas.


Cockroach Gel and spray in regular intervals is a must to control cockroach from increasing menace of cockroach in your kitchen areas there are different schemes of annual Contract for cockroach treatment.    

Rodent Control and treatment

Mice and rats can cause serious threat to your home office and commercial establishment. Rats not only damage properties but also spread disease. Rat control needs to look at the core of the problem i.e., The open areas around the building where rats make their homes in soil by making burrows Rat population Grows very fast and they look out for foods in nearby residences. he It is important to plug all the holes in the premise where rats can enter.

Treatment for rats

We have special baits which is a multi dose feeding System with this type of baiting this ensues the rats do not die immediately After consuming the baits multi time the rats more out of that area and subsequently they die moreover it is much safer than single feed baiting. 

Bed Bug Control and treatment   

Bed bugs are wingless insects, they are oval in shape and 5-6 mm long as adult an adult bed bug can live up to 6 Months with room temperature of around 200C, and much longer in winter. After mating the females lays 2-3 eggs a day throughout lifespan

Treatment for Bed Bugs

A comprehensive approach should be taken to control bed bugs spraying of proper chemicals in the hideouts of bed bugs with a regular frequency as per the requirements of the site. 

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