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Marble floor polishing services

We are pleased to introduce our selves one of the oldest and leading Floor polishing Company for the last 30 years we are expert in commercial Projects.

Modern pest control is engaged in Restoration of Indian marble, Italian Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine and limestone. We are experts at restoring the shine of your stone surfaces. We have 20 years of experience in floor polishing services across India. We have executed many residential and commercial projects in restoration of marble as well as maintenance of hotels, hospitals, malls and housing complexes. We have taken great pride over the years to ensure quality work man ship and consistent customer services that has earned us the reputation as an industry leader the services we provide include

  • Diamond polishing system
  • Restoration of marble
  • Maintenance cleaning & polishing
  • Grout cleaning
  • Tile cleaning & Maintenance

Diamond polishing

Diamond polishing is recommended when the marble is scratched, dull or badly worn. The process involves honing of the surface with diamond grids starting from 100 till 5000 more the surface is ready then polishing compound is used to enhance the gloss of the surface and then crystallize buff to save it from scratches and pilferage from any spillovers all this depends on the condition of the stone surface and the type of finish the client request. Once the polishing process is complete the floor is rinsed and thoroughly dried then the stone is sealed with a stone sealer. This is a premium water base penetrating sealer providing maximum oil and stain protection for marble and natural stone surfaces.

Restoration of marble

During the restoration of marble it is important to see and understand the age of marble, the scratches and how much it has worn out. Once the audit is complete then it is to be decided how the honing process will be carried out diamond grids will be used from 100 to 5000 nos. depending upon the condition of the marble. Once the honing is complete then the floor is polished with polishing compound. After that a premium stone sealer will be used to seal the marble providing maximum oil and stain protection.

Maintenance Polishing

Maintenance polishing is done on a polished marble floor generally to slow down the everyday wear and tear on the marble surface due to daily foot traffic. Polishing of floor for residences is recommended once is a year for heavy traffic areas daily or weekly polishing is recommended

Grout Cleaning

White cleaning grout joints, the floor surface in cleaned with heavy duty cleaner in a safe and highly effective detergent used for heavy duty cleaning that penetrates into grease, dirt, oil, and grime.

Tile Cleaning & maintenance

All vitrified or normal tiles needs regular cleaning and maintenance, this will keep the tile clean and maintains the luster of the tiles A regular programme for tile cleaning will keep the premises hygiene and keep the dirts away.