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Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Rat /Rodent Control
Anti Termite Treatment
Mosquito / Flies Control
Bed Bug Control
Wood Borer Treatment
Fogging Treatment
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Bird Control
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Rat Repeller machine
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Resident Pest Control

Modern Pest Control provides round the year pest control for residences, farm houses and housing colonies. The program for residential pest control is to carry out regular visit to control all pests and pest infestation, Our treatment of spray and Gell application on a regular visit ensures 100% guaranteed pest solution. Our service department will be in regular touch with all our customers on a personal touch either through phone or e-mail to carry out the treatment and get feedback from the customer.

Different types of Pest in residences are:-

1. Cockroaches
2. Rats
3. Termites
4. Bed bugs
5. Mosquitoes
6. Flies
7. Silver fish

Our Treatment :-

Our Eco-friendly treatment of spray, gel completely eradicates the above pest without bothering the people in the house. Our scheme of residence pest control is ones in 3/4/6 months in a year as per the requirement and audited by our technicians.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control is a commitment to provide 100% Total customers satisfaction which includes tailor made cost effective pest management program that will bring in product knowledge proper training of the technician to ensure not only the most effective form of Pest Control Treatment in your premises but also the safest and most environmentally friendly approach to pest management. Bad pest management not only cause health problems to your employees and clients but also can causes huge economic loss through damaged property and ill health. We carefully selects only those technicians who passes a strong derive to give highest standards possible of service to our client at all times. We can provide personalized Pest Management Programs to meet your individual requirements in areas such as homes, office, school, hotel, food production sites etc.

Rat / Rodent control

Rat control is based on the fact it is difficult to eliminate rat infestation in any premises. Rats keep coming in even if it is control once. Rat are prolific eaters of all eatable items so that rat control measures include elimination of food, water, and any harborage exist near your premises, which only helps them in the breeding process.Rats not only contaminate food but also damage many household items.

Signs of a Rat Infestation:-
  • Rats are naturally activate at night. If you have to understand a rat infestation the classic signs to look out for are:-
  • Rats Droppings.
  • Rats smears-grease marks or smudges from the body of a rat as it repeatedly brushes up against solid objects.
  • Damaged merchandise and damage to the fabric of premises.
  • Rat nesting materials -shredded insulation,cardboard, wood,plastics etc.

Potential Risk from Rats:-

  • Rats can spread infestations such as Salmonella,Hantavirus,Trichinosis,Rat bite fever,fleas and mites.
  • Damage to stock and buildings.Contamination of foodstuffs and goods.


Termites commonly known as white ants are social insects. They benefit mankind by their effective re-cycling of organic matter into the soil. Unfortunately sometimes, the organic matter they recycle is our houses and other man-made structures. Termites are known to cause more damage than storms, floods and fire put together. A termite colony consists of the termite queen, soldiers and workers. A mature colony may have over a million termites residing in a termitaria. It is the subterranean termites, which pose major risk to structures in India.

Termiban Breaks the Barrier

Termiban is an innovative termiticide. It breaks through the ‘repellent barrier’ mentality and allows the pest control specialist to get the best results at minimal rates.

Mode Of Action

Unlike conventional termiticides, which act by a repellent or immediate contact kill, termiban creates non-repellent Treated Zone in the soil that function as termite “killing field”. Termiban and get exposed to lethal doses of the product.


We treat the sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches and pits with chemical to a height of about 30cm at the rate of 5 Lit. Per Square meter of surface area.

Backfill earth on each side of all built up walls, which will be in immediate contact with foundation, should be treated with chemical at the rate of 7.5 Lit. per liner meter of vertical surface of the substructure, to a depth of 45cm and width of 15cm. The chemical shall be directed towards the masonry surfaces so that earth in contact with these surfaces is well treated with the chemical.

Before laying the floor, treat the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemical at the rate of 5 Lit. per square meter. Ensure back fill against foundation is treated to its full depth.

Builder should take care that any disruption of the barrier during later construction work (e.g. creation of gardens over the treated barrier), may lead to untreated gaps.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can make life miserable. Presence of mosquitoes in any areas bring in constant annoyance and irritation caused by their bites. They transmit serious diseases. Mosquitoes can be found al-through the year. And causes significant nuisance and public health threat.

Mosquitoes Treatment:-

  • Mosquitoes treatment requires a proper integrated pest management by treating inside the premises as well as outside the Chemical measures are normally suggested to control adult mosquitoes.
  • Breeding places of Mosquitoes also can be treated with suitable insecticides to control larvae.

House Flies:-

House flies are the most common pest in and around home. Most adult house flies travels with in one mile of sites where eggs are laid. House flies get attracted to garbage scams, large commercial trash container, open dumps and unsanitary conditions and food processing sites. They feed on any manmade or naturally occurring moist household garbage.

Bed Bugs Control:-

Bed bugs are a major resurgence for any residential or commercial establishment. If it is not treated early it can get worse. Generally bed bugs hide in below the beds or in sofa sets or in the cushions of the chair.

Bed bugs sucks blood at night when we are asleep. It causes swelling, skin irritation and subsequently allergy reaction in some people.

Our Treatment:-

Our specially formulated chemical will spray on the hidden Bed Bugs areas which will completely eradicate killing the Bed bugs at your site. We treat all effected areas with safe insecticides on their harborages so most of the Bud bugs get killed.

Wood Borer Treatment:

When you find some yellow powders are discharged from your cupboards, tables or any wooden Structure you can be sure that your wood is infected by wood borers These Borers are Brown coloured And they come into your wood through veeners. These wood Borers eats up the wood from inside. The Borers are very strong in their nature so it needs a systematic treatment.

Fogging Treatment:-

Fogging Treatment is carried out for control of mosquitoes. The treatment involves fogging in the open spaces for Mosquitoes Control

Frequency of services depends on level of infestation and surrounding area.

Fogging service is ideal for poultry farms, bung lows, party lawns, housing society, farm houses, schools,industries,restaurants etc.

Garden Treatment :

This treatment is carried out for any big lawns or garden where one has regular problem of flying insects.

For this we have machine which gives mist in the emulsified chemical and you will be relieved from Any flying insects in your garden area.

Bird control :-

This treatment is carried out for any big lawns or garden where one has regular problem of flying insects.

Our bird control program offers variety of services in bird control it is a complete new range of bird proofing required for factories, ware houses, load-canopies, bird removal or bird repellent is necessary as the droppings of birds is a serious health hazardous.

We Modern Pest Control offers variety of services for bird control like:-

* Bird spikes
* Bird nets
* Bird Gel
* Bird spray

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