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All the business transactions for this product will be carried out under the brand name "Giriraj International" only

Equipment for Eliminating Rodents
(Keep away from Children and Pets)

Sentinel Bait Station are used in rodent management programs to protect rodent baits and Glue Board from the weather, keep rat and mouse product out of reach of children & pets and also to enhance bait and trap acceptance.

Rat and mouse bait stations can be used Indoors and out doors. Many commercial food processing plants, restaurants and other business located near food oriented stores and restaurants may also use these devices.

Rodent Bait station- glue board inside :

  • The unique rodent bait station catches rodents with complete silence.
  • You will not know when the rodents got trapped in the bait station.
  • The bait station is compact in box shape made of sheet metal with one visible window on the top to see through if any rodent got trapped.
  • The glue board put into the bait station is a special glue where once a Rodent steps in cannot move beyond, the rodent is permanently stuck.
  • The bait station is locked so no mishandling of Glue Board only our technician can remove the Glue board.

Rodent bait station - food for rodent inside :
  • The unique rodent bait station is concealed from outside.
  • A small hole from both sides allows rodent to enter and eat their favorite food mixed with poison and subsequently they perish.
  • These boxes can be placed on open to air as these boxes can Withstand all weather conditions.
  • Regular replacement of bait in the boxes keeps the rodent come Frequently thus population keeps on decreasing.
  • The lock in the box does not allow any pets or kids to approach the poison baits, as these bait stations are monitored and locked by our technician.
Specifications of Bait Station
Length-230 cm. Width-190 cm. Height-100 cm. Window-115x110 cm.
Size of hole - 65x65 cm.

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