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Rat Repeller machine
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Bird Spike 


Bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Install bird control spikes on rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys and other surfaces where pest bird roosting and nesting is a problem. Bird spikes are a guaranteed way to deter pest birds from landing on your property, eliminating damage and liability.

Bird spike is a ledge deterrent that works best on pigeons and larger birds. It is best suited to low and medium pressure situations, but is sometimes used in heavy pressure areas.

Bird spikes are made from durable stainless steel and polycarbonate. They can be glued or screwed down to almost any surface.

They are available in a number of different widths from 1 inch to 10 inches.

They can effectively be used on I-beams, ledges, signs, parapet walls, pipes and other locations. Bird spike is flexible and can be used on flat or curved surfaces.

Glue Board 


Rat Glue is an easy – to-use glue for trapping rats/mice. Absolutely non poisonous inalterable, odorless. Glue can be used safely anywhere. HOW TO USE: Squeeze a little Glue from the tube and apply evenly onto a piece of cardboard flat material. Place some foodstuff such as cheese, bread, etc. to attract rodents. When the rodent walks onto the glue, it gets trapped.

Glue can also be used as an obstacle for lizards, beetles, ants, flies, mosquitoes, etc. if applied to a strip of plastic, cardboard or similar on window frame or near holes from where possibilities of such insects. Glue can be used with absolute safe in food storage and wherever poisonous baits have restriction. Traces of spots left by it are petrol soluble and can be easily removable.

Rat Repeller Machine 


Congratulation! We assure your paradise rat free, if you purchase our MUKTI electronic pest repeller . Pest are repelled using ultrasonic and sonic sounds to create a noisey , hostile environment for the pest but safe for human and domesticated animals. The sounds are based on ‘‘psychoacoustic jamming’’ principles.

Mode Setting

The MODE selector switch permits the average high rate modulation frequency to be changed between MODE -A (0 Hz), MODE-B(1000 Hz), or MODE-C (4000 Hz). The higher rate setting MODE- C is the normal setting MODE A or B may sometimes prove to be more effective for insects and spider .

Sound Reflection: (Most important)

The area where the machine is installed should have atleast three surface i.e. ceiling, side walls and floor to have the maximum bouncing /reflection of sound waves. Partitions reduce the effective area of the unit. The machine be directed towards any hard-surface for maximum bouncing effect. The reflection of sound waves vary from to surface and some example are:

  1. Glass surface 100%
  2. Plain finished walls 80 to 90%
  3. Rough finished walls 60 to 70%
  4. Wooden Surface 60 to 70%
  5. Gunny bags/Corrugated boxes 25 to 30%

Area covered will depend on the following:

  1. The interior layout of the place.
  2. Style /systems of storage.
  3. The content of storage.
  4. The cleanliness of area etc.


  1. Harm less to humans and most pets.
  2. CLEAN and SAFE
  3. No toxic chemicals or messy traps. Compact and handy.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. Negligible power consumption.
  6. Can operate 24 hours non-stop.
  7. Different from medicines smoke /door without the fear of second pollution.

  1. Dimensios : 6"x4"x5"
  2. Power consumption : Less than 1 watt
  3. Input : 220 Volts AC
  4. Frequency Range (including side-bands and harmouncs):
    High Pitch 20,000-50,000 Hz
    Low Pitch 10,000-50,000 Hz
    Loud Pitch 1,000-50,000 Hz
    Sound Pressure Level-118 DB during peaks measured at 8 metres from speaker.

Fly insect killer  

Fly insect of various types are attached to the UltraVoilet illumination of Mukti insect killer. This UltraVoilet illumination is surrounded by an electrically charged grid. When flying insects are attracted and pass through the electrically charged grid, Flies die instantly due to high voltage of grid and collects In the detachable tray fitted at the bottom.

Fly insect killer:

  1. Features
    • No Pollution
    • No Spraying
    • No harmful effect
    • Most economical
  2. Models
    Models : MUKTI killer
    Size : 25"L X 16"H X 6"B : 2 ft. each.
    2 Tubes : 18 watt each.
  3. Application
    • Laboratories
    • Operation theaters
    • Food processing
    • Kitchen
    • Clubs
    • Fisheries
    • Canning industries
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Showrooms
    • Canteens
    • Bottling Plant
    • Abattoirs
    • Sweet shops
    • Bakers



Your own house keeping & pest control Co.

Mukti Natural

This is a unique extract form herbs and fruits of plants and trees.

Benefit of Mukti Natural

Cleaning & Wet mopping, Room Freshner, Fly repellent, mosquitoe repellent & Glass Cleaners.

Mukti Herbal For Public Health

Hygiene pest control and enviro friendly cleaning

* Mosquitoes
* Flies
* Glass Cleaner
* Cleaning Agent
* Room Freshner
* Aroma Diff user

Unique properties "Mukti Herbal"

* Proven safety to humans following extensive use for many years in Floor Cleaning, mosquitoes and fly control programmes.
* Very effective against all kinds of mosquitoes causing malaria, dengue Fever and filariasis.
* Quick knockdown effect combined with rapid killing action on insects.
*Besides mosquitoes, controls all nuisance pests like cockroaches, flies, bugs etc.
*Provides instant solution to adult mosquitoes, the best way bring down the vector populations.
* No harmful function in the environment treated with Mukti Herbal.

Environment Friendly :-

"Mukti Herbal" does not leave any residues on the treated surface, hence no environment contamination. Mukti Herbal quickly degrades in the environment. It is recommended for indoor as well as outdoor Pest Control . "Mukti Herbal" being a herbal product, is soft to nature and non-target organisms at the recommended usage of the product. "Mukti Herbal" effectively controls mosquitoes in gardens, residential areas, school and hospitals, thus reduces the risk of insects carrying and transmitting infections.

Usage Recommendation

Cleaning & wet moping ::

Dilute 30 ml "mukti Herbal" in 10 litre of water for application (sufficient to treat 1 house of 1000square feet area)

Pest control::

For mosquitoes and fly control, dilute "mukti Herbal" at 20 ml per litre in water and treat the infested areas thoroughly using sprayer.


"mukti Herbal" contains extract of herbs & fruits of plants & trees.

Room Freshner

For Room Freshner dilute 10 ml per litre in water and spray in the room, it will spread a soothing smell.

Glass Cleaner

For Glass Cleaning dilute 5 ml per litre in water and spray in the glass and rub by a towel. It will remove all the dusts and shine like crystal. It will also repel flies & mosquitoes.

Aroma Disuser

For aroma (inside the premises ) dilute 5 ml in one cup of water. It will give beautiful smell all around the area.

For application, use hand operated sprayer or any agriculture spray equipment.

Packing Available::

5 litre plastic container. Store the material in a well-built, dry, well-lit and ventilated separate room away from direct sun light, foodstuffs and other articles.

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