Rodent Control

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Rat are not only a nuisance to any property but also damage and contaminate foods. Rats can damage a computer by eating up its wires, and your computers will not working creating a huge loss to your organization. Rat are nocturnal, but as colony increases they often come in day light also. Rat can be controlled by glue board or baiting multi dose chemicals which keeps the rats away from your home. It is best to call a pest control agency to come and audit your premises and suggest you a comprehensive treatment for rat control.


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Bird control is very tricky. To control bird spikes are used which can be placed in the ledges to prevent bird to land. Another form of bird control can done by installing bird net in their landing areas.


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Fogging in pest control covers mosquito and other flying insects. The fogging is done by a fogger machine by using chemicals like ULV chemicals. Fogging covers a large area around your house or colony. Fogging knocks down only the adult mosquito and not the larvae that are source of breeding.


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Mosquitoe bites brings in disease like malaria,yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, chikungunya and Zika. It is important to check mosquitoe breeding in and around your homes. Any water clogging around your home needs a pest control service. Fogging in regular intervals is a good method to keep the mosquitoes away. House flies are not only a nuisance but also transmits many number of diseases by contaminating foods. Sanitation is very important in fly management programme. Good sanitation program around The building will not allow fly larvae to breed. For any fly management treatment call your nearest pest control company to suggest how to manage the fly control.

Bed Bug

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Bed Bugs like to travel by clothes, suitcases, boxes, shoes etc. Bed bugs can hide in any places. Bud bugs are nocturnal. Bed Bugs eat human blood to survive. Treatment Bed bug treatment is carried out by spraying chemicals in the hideouts of sofas, beds, chairs etc. This treatment needs to be repeated in every 15 days till the complete wipe up of Bed Bugs.

Residential Pest Control

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Nowadays when life is so busy that families do not have time to see what are the health hazards pests bring in with contamination of foods and create a serious problem to the health. The most common problem seen in homes are cockroaches, black ants, lizards, rats, termites etc. Regular pest control treatment is required to control these pests. Different approach is to be taken to control different pests. The latest pest control treatment available are various methods like herbal spray, eco friendly chemicals, gels, glue traps, fogging etc. Benefits of pest control 1. Keep disease out. 2. Reduce health risks 3. Peace of mind 4. Keep your building safe. Modern pest control which is a 29 years old pest control company with various modules of pest control services. We have free inspection and we give the best competitive price in the pest control industry.


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Termite are voracious eaters of all cellulose materials. They eat anything right from woods, papers, clothes and any cellulose materials. Termite damage billions of dollars of materials and crops all over the world. Household termite problem is a big financial loss to the occupant of any building. So regular inspection of premises like residence, godowns, commercial properties should be carried out to check and take corrective action. Type of Termite There are mainly two types of termites seen in residential houses. Subterranean Termites (soil nesting termites)and non subterranean termites (wood nesting termites) Treatment for Termites For Pre-construction Termite treatment the care should be taken to treat the soil at the foundation level. Once the foundation level is well guarded by termite chemicals then the entry of termite inside the building is minimized. For post construction termite treatment(Existing building) Termites eat woods and cellulose material. The almirah, doors, windows, cupboards should be treated by drilling and injecting chemicals into it.

Commercial Pest control

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It is most important to keep the office premises clean, Hygienic and free from pests. Pest are always seen in commercial property so the urgent need to pest control is indeed necessary. If regular pest control service is not taken in commercial property then it can create a hazard for the occupant of the commercial premises. The common pests seen in commercial properties are cockroaches, Rats, Termites and mosquitoes. Integrated Pest Management A holistic approach should be taken to carry pest control service in commercial establishment. First it is very important to identify and locate the pest. Then an approach to control it by chemical and also to stop their influx inside the building. Lets say there are cockroach problem in a office then the solution could be to spray chemicals and also put gel in the hideouts like under the basin, coffee machines or cupboards in the kitchen. If there is a rat problem then glue board or bait station can be placed in the specific areas to control rats. Treatment and frequency The treatment depends upon the type of pest problem the premises has. Modern pest control will audit the premises and suggest a solution which will be a comprehensive treatment to make your premises pest free.

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