Rodent Control

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Rodents (rats & mice) are a serious issue that affects many Delhi homes. Our homes are very attractive to them, as they provide them with everything they need food, water and shelter. Rodents do not only spread diseases and contaminate food. Rats and mice are notorious carriers of disease. They contaminate food, homes and businesses with faeces, urine and hair, they carry fleas or sticks and damage property by gnawing through containers, wood, insulation and wirin. Rat Control Delhi Get rid of mice and rat infestation by contacting the Rodent Control Delhi NCR. We are the best Rodent Control Company to get rid of rats and mice.We take care your home from Rodents attack. Enjoy Pest Free Homes, Join Us for Annual AMC of Pest Control Services. We do not used harmful Medicines and chemicals.


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Birds can become a nuisance when they choose to nest or roost in unwanted areas of your home or business. Birds, droppings and nesting materials can negatively impact our surroundings and carry over 60 diseases which can be passed on to humans and pets. Bird infestations also encourage a range of other pests such as flies and fleas, but the most common is the bird mite. Bird control issues are a frustrating and expensive hazard. Persistent bird homing instincts and complex environmental conditions make it hard to find a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Consequently, it’s important to seek expert advice. Before engaging a service, research your Pest Bird Technician to ensure they have the knowledge and capability to supply the right management system to solve your problem. The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an unwanted area; the harder it will be to get them to leave. It’s important to take a proactive approach when dealing with pest birds. Contact with humans usually occurs after birds gain entry to roof cavities of our homes and business to construct their nests, which normally occurs in early spring or summer. However, some infestations also occur from birds roosting on the outside of dwellings such as window ledges or awnings. The mites feed on the young, as well as the adult birds, and the large amount of nesting material used by the birds provides the mites with an ideal environment in which to thrive. The mites have a short life cycle, but can rapidly generate large populations.


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We provide highly effective Fogging Services to solve your mosquito problem. We do a thorough inspection in and around the area to determine presence of mosquitoes and our experts treat those areas with the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and innovative tools. This creates a protective and effective barrier against the pesky insects. Our Fogging Services offer a low-volume mosquito fogging to control & kill the mosquitoes and other small flying insects. We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the service provider of premium quality range of Fogging Insect Control Services. The entire insect control services are rendered by our competent professionals by spreading fog that immediately interrupts the pheromones of flying insects. Our offered insect control services are accredited for their non allergic nature & cost effectiveness. Mosquitoes belong to the same group as the true flies, Dipteral. As such, they have a single pair of wings. They typically have long, thin legs and a head featuring a prominent proboscis. Mosquito bodies and wings most often are covered in tiny scales. The larvae feed on variety of materials, depending on species. Most consume organic flotsam and tiny aquatic organisms. However, some species are predatory and will consume other mosquitoes. Adult mosquitoes prefer to be most active from dusk until dawn but can become active with sufficient cloud cover or in dark shady areas. They do not prefer to be active in the sunshine since they may desiccate and die.


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Mosquito the name applied to species of blood sucking flies and its transmits a pleothora of deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, chickenguneya , filarial, yellow fever and encephalitis. Mosquito considered as one of the major & life threatening pest of the 21st all types of fresh water bodies like, brackish water, contaminated sewage water, water collected at the discarded tyres, coconut shells, broken pots, waste tins / vessels etc Anopheles, culex and Aedes are the most common species of mosquitoes that spread diseases. These vectors develop through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, complete development from egg to adult usually takes 10 to 14 days but varies according to the species and temperature. The available method of mosquito control are usually classified into chemical, biological and environmental depending on whether the control of vectors is attempted through the use of chemicals or biological agents (or) by management of the environment.

Bed Bug

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Bed bugs can thrive almost everywhere. This makes it very difficult to find them too. If you are having a severe bed bugs problem in your home or office they could be just about anywhere. In between the books, the furniture, the bed linen, the office files or on you in person, any little crack or crevice they can be anywhere and everywhere. In addition to being a terrible nuisance, they can cause you a lot of embarrassment. They can be a real nuisance. Bed bugs can also be the cause for severe skin reactions. Babies and those with soft sensitive skin are the worse affected. One female bed bug can produce around 10000 off springs in 3 months and one meal lasts each insect about 3 days in warm temperature but while lying dormant, Bed bugs can survive for upto a year without a meal. Effective chemicals kill bed bugs, eliminate Wood Borer, Kill Mosquitos and control them. Bed Bugs can consume about 4 times their own body weight in less than 15 minutes. We offer the best pest Bed Bugs Control services. modern times these pests are commonly found in public transport like roadways, railways, sea and sometimes at airways, hospitals, hotels, hostels etc.

Residential Pest Control

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Our residential pest control action plans are designed to help guard your home against common household pests. This plan includes a pre-scheduled onsite inspection. Then, we work thoroughly with the home owner, to understand their lifestyle habits, and develop a customized plan form there on wards. This plan usually covers the interior, and the exterior of your home like lawn, trees and shrubs. We don’t just care for your home, but also the green environment. Therefore, it is important to protect your household against pests that can not only damage your home and belongings, but which can also endanger the health and lives of your loved ones .We commit into protecting residential buildings and families very seriously. That’s why we offer the highly professionals to handle all your residential pest control concerns and to get the work done. we have 29 years experienced, We really know the residential pest control business. we understand your family is number one, and that is why we focus on being proactive on residential pest control.


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Be it in your home or office, termites are not just a nuisance; they are one of the most destructive pests around. Termites feed on the wooden elements of your house, and when they get to your property's structure, the damage can be serious. In Delhi countless buildings are extensively damaged by termites every year. This has resulted in huge financial losses for property owners. More often than not, such losses can be avoided by routine inspection and treatment by pest experts. Termites colonies are usually found in dry wood and they do not require moisture or contact with the soil. Drywood termites can build nests and dig tunnels in buildings. These tunnels cause major damage because the wooden support beams can become weak and make the building lean or fall down. One of the most effective ways is to treat the items and surfaces by conducting regular pest control treatment, specifically anti-termite treatment. It is carried out at two stages, namely pre-construction stage anti-termite treatment and post-construction stage anti-termite treatment.

Commercial Pest control

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We have a wide range of pesticides which eradicate unwanted pests that invade your place. In order to prevent the menace of pests, we undertake step by step of the industry's leading treatments. We provide the best in class, on time and cost effective pest control treatments for commercial. Modern is committed to be being the leader in commercial Pest Control Services In Delhi by providing the highest quality pest elimination services with minimum usage of pesticides at Competitive cost. We firmly believe in the concept of Integrated Pest Management with maximum stress upon non chemical measures such as proofing, sealing etc., thus ensuring health and hygiene to all. we provide the pest control services. Modern pest conducts regular vocational training to employees to update their knowledge Mpc operation and follows good HR practices. This enables the operators and service team to deliver quality service to our valuable customers.

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