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All those looking for the best pest control services in Delhi then Modern Pest Control, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company is a one-stop solution for pest control solutions and floor maintenance services. We are having more than 32 years of experience in this industry. Our pest control services are for residential and commercials premises. You can hire our services for residential pest control, commercial pest control, Hospital Pest Control, Hotel Pest Control, Restaurant Pest Control service, home sanitization service, commercial sanitization service and a lot more.

Our pest control services include termite treatment, bed bug control, mosquitoes and flies control, fogging, birds control, rodent control, cockroach control, and ant control services. We use and modern technology and quality chemicals which are highly effective and odourless. The pest control treatment is completely dependent upon the environment and the stubborn nature of pest. Our team consists of experienced and trained professionals. We guarantee customer satisfaction to each client. You can avail our pest control services in Delhi, NCR and enjoy the quality and trustworthy pest control services at your doorstep at reasonable price.

VISION: To assure pest free healthy and happy premises in Delhi-NCR.
MISSION: To assure quality and complete security from pest.

We at Modern Pest Control offers various services like pest control, cleaning, and sanitization services at cheaper rates without compromising the quality of services. We are here, to help you hire the best service professional at cheapest rates. We are proud to share that we have most of the clients which are repeated clients and referred new clients which came through our happy customers.

Our Methods

Modern Pest Management uses a process called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In short, IPM is an environmentally responsible system of managing pests by eliminating their sources of food, water and shelter. IPM incorporates three steps: inspection, identification and treatment. And our focus is on the inspection and ID steps!

  • The first step is a detailed inspection, which includes locating pest breeding sites and harborage areas.
  • Next, proper pest identification is crucial to determine the best treatment and prevention techniques.
  • The final step is the selection of a treatment procedure that may include a variety of techniques, such as the installation of screens, sealing cracks or changing sanitation practices and may include the use of botanical pest control materials.

Some of our esteemed clients are as listed below :

Engineers India Ltd. H.C.L. Technologies Ltd. Hongo India Ltd.
Diana Princes Watson Wyatt State Bank of India
Institute of Genomix I.D.F.C. Virage Logic International
LRS Hospital Gordon Woodroff Amity International
Tarrif Commission Amity International Gujrat Ambuja
I.C.M.R. Bahai House A.C.M.A.
Teletube Electronics Ltd. I.T.P.L. Tata Consultancy Services
SELVEL Flex Industries Ltd. TS Techsun Ltd.
Ministry of Agriculture Prasar Bharti Technova
DIAPAC Registrar General of India Fashion Force
I.N.S.A. Ministry of Power Arab Republic of Egypt
I.C.A.R. Shroff Eye Centre NIIT Ltd.
Anand Firm House Kohinoor Enterprises D.D.C.A.